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  1. momu326

    momu326 New Member

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    Our History
    Nanjing Aike pump Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a professional screw pump research, development, design, production and manufacturing and sales of enterprises, is the backbone of the screw pump industry in China. The company is located in the scenic historical and cultural city-Nanjing, here simple folk style, convenient transportation, civil aviation, railways, highways, waterways access. Is your inspection, visit, exchange ideal place.
    Our Factory
    The company has many years of professional and technical manufacturing history of screw pump, determined to do world-class screw pump manufacturing enterprises. On the one hand, it has brought in a large number of domestic and foreign experts in the field of screw pumps and, in cooperation with scientific research institutions of many key universities in China, it has employed a number of senior experts in the research and development of screw pumps and hydraulic fluid control experts. On the other hand, it has actively trained high-quality young people. There is a large number of technical personnel in the research, design team, enterprise R & D capacity greatly enhanced
    Our Product
    The main hot pin screw pump products are as follows: 3G series three screw pump, 3GR series three screw pump, 3GC series marine three screw pump, 3GBW series insulation three screw pump, SNH series three screw pump, HSNH series three screw pump, SMH series medium and high pressure three screw pump, SPF series fuel three screw pump, 2G series twin screw pump, 2GM series twin screw pump, W.V type twin screw. Pumps, HW series twin screw pumps, YW series twin screw pumps, 2H series twin screw pumps and other high quality screw pump products.
    Product Application
    The company produces products in more than 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electricity, transportation, building materials and other industries
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    The company also has screw pump rotor special milling machine, CNC boring machine, ion nitriding equipment, rotor dynamic balancing machine, optical curve grinder, CNC wire cutting machine and other high, fine, pointed equipment, etc. In order to ensure the processing accuracy of products to provide reliable equipment support. The company also invested a lot of funds, designed and built the domestic first-class screw pump testing center, which can test the flow, pressure, vibration and noise of the screw pump, and ensure the testing of every product out of the factory.
    Production Market
    Many large customer enterprises in various industries have become customers of the company. They are: Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company, Ma Anshan Iron and Steel Company, Capital Iron & Steel Company, Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Company, Anshan Iron and Steel Company, More than 100 enterprises in the metallurgical industry such as Wuhan Iron and Steel Company; Harbin Electric Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., Shenyang Blower (Group) Co., Ltd., and other power generation equipment manufacturers; Shanghai Petrochemical, Gaoqiao Petrochemical, Zhenhai Petrochemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Wuhan Petrochemical, Maoming Petrochemical and other more than 30 petrochemical enterprises; Shanghai Ocean Fisheries, Cosco Shipping, Guangxi Tiansheng Port, Zhanjiang Port Group products have been recognized by the majority of users. Praise, the company and many enterprises to establish a good relationship of cooperation.
    Our service
    After-sales service work is always the focus of the company's work, it will do everything possible to avoid worries and worries for customers. For many years, it has been deeply trusted by the users. The service aim of the company is: urgent customers, think of customers, guarantee a year and repair free of charge.
    Since its establishment, the company has always regarded quality as the life of the enterprise. Under the guidance of the management concept of "to survive by quality, to seek market by service, and to develop by benefit", the management level and product quality level of enterprises are constantly improved.discount Emergency LO Pump
  2. hoiang1987

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    Địa chỉ chuyên bán kính măt nam - điện thoại cổ- mặt dây chuyền phật bản mệnh - nhẫn phong thủy giá rẻ đường hai bà trưng tại hà nội giao hàng thu tiền tận nơi trên toàn quốc đảm bảo uy tín


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